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Over the last few months I’ve been spending a good part of my free time finding new exhilarating ways of endangering my life. This has led me to take up climbing, skydiving and really anything involving big risk, small margins for error and huge amounts of fun. My biggest challenge was finding a camera that’s suites my unhinged tastes for past times.

After using many of the available “impact resistant/ waterproof/ freeze proof / apparently indestructible” models of various brands, all proved not to be Bruno proof. Until recently, now I’ve been introduced to the GoPro. It’s my new favourite camera.

As I write this I can already hear all the gasps for air many readers are having reading this. Don’t get me wrong, I love DSLRs and good compact cameras, they have their place and nothing will supplant them as the “go to” systems for picture taking. The GoPro, however, has clawed itself into a new category of cameras. It’s tiny, tough and trusty…

It has an unassuming ability for taking powerful images and videos, and its uses are only limited by the potential of the imagination. Besides the idiot-proof menu that makes the camera super simple to use, there are also many strange accessories that it comes and can be purchased separately. These accessories allow you to attach the camera to anywhere on yourself, for instance your head or your stuff like the outside of your car, your mountain bike, a surfboard, etc. And to anything else, even your dog…

Yes it has been done before. Have a look at this clip from YouTube:


It is also impact proof and waterproof to 60m when used in its casing making it the most fun camera. It really has allowed me to enjoy photography in a completely new and fresh way. I love its standard ultra wide-angle lens…

Over the next few weeks I will be blogging some of the projects I’ve made with a GoPro camera.

The first I’m going to show is a small stop motion I recently made of a Critical Mass bicycle ride. As my first attempt using the camera for stop motion I was skeptical it was going to work but in the end I liked the results. Check it out below and please let me know what you think…


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